Computer Hardware Support & AMC Service

With a robust presence of 84+ technical resources across 8 states in India, our engineers serve you from the most remote locations. We go up the ladder & not just sell desktops, printers, servers of market leading OEMs’ to enterprises, rather we preserve & support your assets, making your infrastructures function effectively. Get to know yourself & what you want - uncompromised repair support, downsized costs, exemplary responsiveness, easy troubleshooting, higher productivity at workplace, paced up customer service & above all it evades away from all the horseplays of automation by covering your assets’ health in its entirety. In a nutshell, you buy it once either from us or from market leading OEM’s & then our people keeps it performing, communicating & operating in & out of warranties, seemingly upto a pretty larger period of time as you desire to. Yes, our services are always one step advanced. The founder at Vareli believes in the Indian concept of reasoned profits. A package that benefits you, us & the market!