Partnered with distinguished mining solution providers, Vareli Tecnac focuses on integration and digitization of mining solutions, meshed with IoT and technology. We grow your business & also build your brand, engaging with firms at all phases of their business. We service you with certainty.

Tata Steel and the Digitisation of Mining


Fuel Management

Fuel level sensors, terminals, displays & cloud-based management platform monitors your fleet's fuel levels, empowers operators to control fuel consumption, mileage in kilometers per liter & maintaining precise fuel levels. It gives operators total visibility to control fleets anytime & anywhere.

Robust Performance

Simulator's capacity to extensively train operators in monitoring fleets, reducing the frequency of onsite accidents & improving the performance of machine function cycles helps you exceed your long term strategies & goals.

Maximized Output

We keep supporting your mine's output with our extensive mine planning solutions. MineScape addresses all your requirements from maximizing output to opening new sources of production, attaining your production targets.