January 282020

Understanding Data Science

What is Data Science?
Data is everywhere and is evolving which will affect every business. Data Science is the process of flow of information both structured and unstructured, into actionable insights with scientific approaches and procedures. It involves processes combining machine learning, algorithms, statistics, programming, and mathematics to draw raw information and transform it into data. Filtering, preparing and aligning of data is basically what data experts do.

Data science handles and analyses enormously large data and plays an important role in the business growth of an organisation. For instance, boosting software development processes and in turn, increases productivity. It also helps in identifying the targeted audience, empowering management with better business decisions with quantifiable data.

Through enhanced data processing, expert professionals are transforming global business. Aspects that play a pivotal role in Data Science are :

  • Big Data- Core of Data Science lies in relatively new terminology 'Big Data'. It refers to a large scale of structured and unstructured data that inundates everyday organisational processes. These data are analysed and studied for insight actions for better strategies. A volume of data is collected from various sources with high velocity, which can be structured or unstructured and in any formats such as texts, emails, audio, and video. Application of big data helps to reduce cost, development of service and product, elimination of excessive time, and decision making in business growth.
  • Machine Learning- Recent development has been made in the world of technology with the application of machine learning. It is the ability to learn and focuses on the development of computer programs. The process of ability to learn without human intervention involves the jargon of data. Observation of data, a pattern of data, analysis of the massive quantity of data enhance machine learning. With the combination of Artificial Intelligence(AI), Machine learning becomes more effective in processing a huge volume of data.

What should a Data Scientist do?

A data scientist is an expert professional who fundamentally works on big data and derives valuable and actionable insights from those. Chiefly they play the combined role of mathematician, analyst, and programmer. The processes followed by a data scientist involves a lot of time and consist of data collection, statistics, software programming skills, and analytic skills. The crucial part is to study and explore data, validating data to assure accuracy, work with AI and machine learning techniques, maintain uniformity, identify market trends and follow patterns for streamlining business growth. Cleaning and validating with relevant delivery of data is one of the tasks of a data scientist at the granular level.

With the application of data science, a convenient way to explore and discover the future trends of business can be improved. Data science with its integral components like AI and machine learning is an ever-evolving process enhancing systems in every sphere.