September 262019

Tips For Writing Great Blog Posts

Businesses thriving and contesting in the digital spheres have a common characterization of blogging. The core objective of a blog is to instill values and craft a masterpiece that viewers shall find tremendous interest to read and be engaged thereafter. A good blog is what you want your target audience to know by presenting various perspectives in a simplified way so that everyone can interpret it easily.

A Catchy Headline - The reason why headline forms the gateway to your blog post lies in the fact that 80% of your followers will prefer to read past through your blog if only the headline influences their perception within a quick time. That's why it is essential to keep your headlines short and crisp, with no added complexities in meaning and relevance. The primary objective of your blog headline is not to summarize your blog post but most importantly regenerating maximum traffic.

An Intriguing First Paragraph - The first few seconds a reader spends on your blog post carries an important role. It grabs their attention completely in the blog's entirety. Whether they're going to stay and be engaged in your writing, is greatly decided by the first paragraph that you present to your followers. An enticing opening sentence heavily rouses their curiosity and compels them to read more and more.

The Three Sentence Rule - Keeping your paragraphs limited to not more than three sentences assist in enhancing the readability of viewers. Concise writing helps you in negating clutter in your blog post that keeps your readers engaged throughout. Though it is more of a writing guideline, still you don't need to follow as exactly it has been maintained by rule books. You have to know when, what, and how to present to your readers.

Use Images And Graphs - Images, Charts, Graphs & Info graphics help you in attaining maximum views than plain text blog posts. Better quality images incorporate a flow of color and style to your blog posts that facilitate in attaining more than 94% views than plain text blog posts. You can get high-quality stock photos from plenty of great websites. Unique charts and info graphics can add feathers to your cap by bringing maximum visits and engagements.

Use A Conversational Style Of Writing - With a minimum focus on grammatical rules, conversational writing aims at the target audience and addresses on a personal level. What it does to readers is the humane way of making them more genuine and actively engaged in the blog post. The writing has to maintained in easy and simple understandable words, meant for the mass audience.