January 152020

Software Application Development and Maintenance

Most of the businesses and enterprises are application centered nowadays. The entire business world is driven by a wide array of software applications. From interacting with leads and converting them to clients, every operation and function are based on appropriate software application. The software applications are programmed to meet the client's requirements. These run on SaaS (Software as Service) interface and generally cloud-based. Software applications have truly enhanced the world and in every sphere for instance infrastructure, hospitals, banks, and more.

What is an Application Software?

Set of software application programs such as spreadsheets, database programs and more to operate with system software can be termed as application software. It helps the user to perform certain tasks with minimal time. Generally, the software can be classified into system software and application software. Application software enhances the operational efficiency of any business. Several functions of application software are spreadsheets, creating documents, sending emails, databases, doing online research, and designing graphics.

What is Software Application Development?

With the increase in the customer's demand, several custom software is developed providing a wide array of tools and functions to streamline businesses. This software generally accelerates growth and aims to run a unique business that includes various steps. The primary stages are research, understanding the client's requirement, design, coding, technical documentation, software testing fixing bugs and installing on the client's side. This can also be termed as the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC). Systematic and proper implementation of every stage is required to run the cycle. The software that has been developed needs ongoing changes and up-gradation and can be denoted as software maintenance. SDLC is important for custom software development and the structuring of the particular software application. Different SDLC models are studied depending on the requirement of the client and the purpose of the software application. Several instances of software applications are enterprise software, educational software, media development software, accounting software, real estate software and more.

How to maintain Software Application Development?

As soon as the implementation process is over, proper steps to maintain the software application is to be followed. From managing the design, alterations in coding, testing and ongoing improvements and debugging of software are stages of maintenance. Apart from the above steps, problem analysis, platform migration process, acceptance of code change, implement enhancement are also a crucial part of the maintenance of the software.

Each organisation has unique business software for the inhouse operation of the enterprise. Since the total software is customised, it has to be maintained properly. One also has the option to make developments and changes in function as well as design. Trendsetting technologies and seamless development help in a stronger relationship with the clients. Thus fulfilling the requirement of the client as well as sustaining a uniqueness.