Smart Cap - Fatigue Monitoring

Operator fatigue is one of the most prevalent reasons of accidents in the mining industry today. Experts say, 65% of the truck haulage accidents occur due to drivers feeling exhausted. The mining sector is well aware of these extremities & has been looking for sustainable solutions to ensure safety & continuity. Fatigue monitoring in mining determines driver alertness.

Partnered with Smart Cap Technologies, we bring the most useful solutions that provides real time feedback, helping drivers manage their alert levels throughout the mine site at all times. Drivers are equipped with head wears & life bands that accurately measure fatigue & prevents microsleep on site. The Life band utilises the state of brain & determines alertness. Specialized Fatigue level speedometers promptly checks fatigue & prevents microsleeps even before they happen. Thus, the solutions we provide are proactive while monitoring the initial stages of fatigue & defending them promptly before any undesired consequences. Real time monitoring comes with real data & actual insights which means while every driver can individually understand their alertness level, the cloud based analytics helps in decision support & maintaining a robust fatigue monitoring system.