September 162019

Promote Your Business Through Website

In 2011, the percentage of web users searching for local businesses stood at 59%. Fastly progressing 2019 onwards, it has come over to a whopping 97%. This gives a direct indication that businesses need a responsive and purpose-filled website design to cater to the needs of an extensive category of end-users.

Let us now explore into the realistic reasons of a website for businesses.

1. Building A Connection With Your Customers – Your website should inform users about your business. Your landing pages equipped with subject defining headlines and Call-To-Action (CTA) buttons are directed to influence desired actions from visitors. The core propositions of your business have to be defined in one straight hit through effectively styled paragraphs. Visual tangible evidence of your project portfolio is a quintessential aspect of a business website, and this has to be your foremost priority in design and communication to visitors. Lastly, contact page details help your viewers access you every time.

2. Enhanced Customer Service – Chatbots, FAQ pages, and Customer Support Pages are evolving into core necessities for businesses. Today, brands are highly cautious in deriving a positive value from customers post-purchase as it drives the purchasing behavior of other buyers. Chatbots are in the latest trend today – they are AI and Machine Learning enabled online conversation messaging applications that cater to the instant queries of buyers. While FAQ pages and contact form submissions are traditional ways to serve customer issues, Chatbot is a progressive customer service tool.

3. Commercial Transactions Are Influenced By Digital Content – Studies confirm, 75% of B2B buyers consider digital content as one of the significant parameters in their buying decisions and 62% base their buying decision on digital content alone. What does this statistic indicate to you? It shows how web-users consider content in the topmost ranks of importance while they are about to make a purchase. Digital content in the forms of text-based lines, images, videos, infographics, and customer reviews impacts customer's buying intent and leads you into increased profits.

4. Brand Credibility Depends On The Design Of Website – How do you effectively present your business to users? The answer lies in a beautifully crafted web design. The fonts, typographies, colors, Call-To-Action (CTA) buttons, brand message, mission-vision statement, and bold statements – these define who you are, what you do, and where you intend to be in the upcoming days. When all these aspects are integrated into a perfect design, the website looks amazingly striking to the eyes and minds of visitors.

5. Attract Customers On A Global Level – To garner the interest of international audiences, you have to first check on your existing content and modify it accordingly based on a differentiated set of parameters. Further, the design has to be such that it finds true harmony to all your regional, national, and international clients. Your digital marketing strategies need to be revamped.