Digital Branding - Strategist

Marketers here are adhered in creating a brand proposition that differentiates the business in eyes of the target consumer. From the who’s who to the amateurs in corresponding industry segments, our digital branding team specializes into opportunity assessments, growth areas, portfolio strategies & segmentation of client’s business.

It has been our fervor in hiring someone who becomes a prominent asset of our team as well as work autonomously through organic social media platforms, paid social media, digital advertising, search engine optimization, content creation, website analytics & video hosting. What makes an effective digital marketer is not the know-how of digital marketing but how to market excellently in the digital world.

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Going Digital. Is It In You?

Collaborate with our branding team, launching client websites through promotional campaigns across social media

Foresee the distribution of client content through social media advertising

Pitching & building brand partnerships

Supervising & managing on-site traffic & media growth

Maintain client site with editing, uploading & justifying products & services

Migrate Data, analyze & execute future branding campaigns

Manage client sales & networking

Generate monthly reports for plan of action

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