Omnicomm - Fuel management

Partnered with Omnicomms’ advanced fuel management solutions, Varelis’ Project Implementation team offers ways to track vehicles remotely, monitor fuel & driver performance & plan ahead based on powerful data analytics. Our services are incorporated with quality hardware, developed to provide highly accurate data even in extreme conditions & a powerful and flexible cloud based software platform. The Fleet management solutions also include Omnicomm High Precision LLS Level Fuel Sensors, terminals & displays & cloud based fleet management platform Omnicomm Online. 

Telemetry & high-capacitive fuel level sensors controls fuel monitoring, empowers fuel operators to control fuel consumption, mileage in kilometers per liter & precise fuel levels. The high precisioned fuel level sensors are highly accurate, reliable & safe. They deliver highest rate of accuracy in the most harsh conditions. Widely suitable with most fuel tanks, the sensor components comply with the industry standards of exceptional quality control. This protects the sensors & sensor operation in the event of sudden increase in voltage. Omnicomms’ sensors include the LLS 4, LLS AF 4, the explosion proof 20230 & the LLS heavy duty sensor. 

Onboard terminals are a vital component of the Fleet Management. They collect data from various sensors & the vehicle’s on-board computers, sending it to the fleet management system for further processes. Reports generated from the data provides valuable information for mining operations. The on-board terminals delivers with high precision consistently & better performance. These terminals support GPS & GLONASS navigation systems for maximum accuracy with resistance to vibration, fluctuation in temperature & autonomously operated with a built in battery to collect data from GPS/GLONASS antennas even when the terminal is disconnected from on-board power supply. With the ability to specify geo fences, they define non operational zones for vehicles that prevents unwanted accidents. 

Omnicomm Online is a cloud based fleet management solution that gives fleet operators total visibility & control over fleets anytime, anywhere. The system receives & processes data from individual vehicle tracking devices, entrusting operators to make business decisions supported by up-to-date & accurate fleet performance information.

Overall, these helps you through :

  • Real time asset monitoring
  • Manage labour & fuel expenditure
  • Detect fuel wastage 
  • Reduce accidents 
  • Plan & optimize routes
  • Detect adverse driving events
  • Predict maintenance & repairs
  • Comply with environmental regulations
  • Maximizing efficiency