Network Installation & Implementation Service

An acclaimed assistance to 495 mining sites, 95 mining areas, 18 support centres & serving hundreds & hundreds of clients from varied sectors since decades, that sounds as dynamic as steel. Installation, Implementation & Training, that’s how we work! So you also can collect all your infrastructural assets into one place, jumble them up & still our geeks here will find the right devices, install them with the right configuration, implement your machines into playing it easy and reigning into the minds of your workforce, giving them true insights of the game. How the system (Hardware & Software) works, where to unplug or plug in during emergencies & making people farsighted into handling their brand new systems in workplace. This is also where we claim our handy expertise. Having said that, our trainers & installers are versed with certifications from Microsoft, CISCO, RedHat, IBM, VM Ware, Oracle & Dell. We serve from the North to the South and from the West to the East, into mining solutions, network infrastructure & things that relate your business with technology!