December 312019

LinkedIn vs Facebook: Which is best for business

Social media acts as a powerful tool for every enterprise for marketing. If you are planning for a strong campaign strategy, social media platforms are the true network for streamlining the business. Among several platforms like Twitter, Tumblr, Reddit; Facebook and LinkedIn are the most used platforms for business branding. These two most popular platforms are designed to connect people online across the globe. These platforms serve web-based tools to build interaction and connect with each other online. The most commonly asked query is which platform is best for business purposes.

Highlighting some basic differences between Facebook and LinkedIn in this article:

Lead Generation:In each of these two social media platforms, people create their accounts to connect more, personally or for commercial purposes. For streamlining business, lead generation ensures business growth. To dominate the market, the rate of lead conversion into clients is very crucial. Facebook is fast and has every feature for growth. But LinkedIn is professional and less massive thus resulting in high ROI. LinkedIn increases your professional image rather than Facebook which is often used for personal use.

How They Operate: Facebook is truly a social networking site engaging people in interactions. Whereas LinkedIn is purely meant for business users. LinkedIn is considered as one of the salient tools of digital marketing. Facebook focuses on one to one relation whereas LinkedIn proliferates organizational growth. For both sites account creation is free but unlike Facebook, LinkedIn offers a paid membership option and also has a service termed as LinkedIn Answers. Both sites are highly active and cater to the high rate of interaction among people.

Target Audience: There are many similarities between the two most used social networking sites, but the major difference lies in the targeted audience of both platforms. We can undoubtedly state that Facebook has the number of users than LinkedIn, but the earlier one is more of a personal nature. Groups that are interested in more professional interaction are more inclined towards LinkedIn than facebook. LinkedIn is a better way for business branding. As it is a professional platform you can reach out to the targeted audience in just a click.

Features: There are several features available for the users in both the social sites that allow users to share and upload messages. Tag, status, photos, videos, chat, blogging, live are the few features available on Facebook. Connections, company profile, LinkedIn Answers are features used by LinkedIn users to gain business and build trust among them. Both the social platform provide a common feature termed as 'Group', and this salient feature is highly used among users.

There are debates on which one is better for business purposes, and users sometimes suggest both. Two accounts can also be beneficial, as it allows to separate your personal life from your working life. Both are proven a beneficial social platform for different reasons. Ultimately targeting the audience and focusing on business growth is desired. Total number of reach and engaging your user is the prime goal of every business.