April 132019

Innovative Mining Solutions Explored

American mining leader, Glenn Ives was quoted saying, “As the mining industry’s value proposition is increasingly called into question, mining companies are beginning to see that they cannot succeed in the future unless they change the way they operate. This is about more than enhancing efficiencies. It is about re-establishing trust with stakeholders and collaborating to devise better responses.”

So you might ask yourself. Is there a better way of doing this? As always the answer is yes. Both in terms of technology and profitability. Mining practices today are way ahead than what it used to be 20 years ago. Technology and innovation have transformed the ways of mining operations today. Data is analyzed to optimize production, reduce costs, increase efficiencies and improve safety. Therefore, innovative mining is all about data and how it is managed, organized and processed.

The latest applications and technologies will continue to evolve. To truly succeed, miners need to understand how digitization transforms mining effectiveness and drive profits. Technologies such as automation, data analytics, and the industrial internet are gaining popularity to solve complex and intractable problems related to mining operations. Digitization actually provides breakthroughs in mining productivity. By breakthroughs, it means lower operating costs, maximized yield and exceptional safety standards.

The process works to identify and eliminate inefficiencies to make your mine perform at its best. Digitization helps you allocate tasks, place the right equipment at the right place at the right time, provide accurate data and prevent redundancies in communication.

By now, it is quite evident that everyone reading this is equipped with the idea of a digital mining system. And now let’s understand how it works and where it benefits your mines.

  • Digitization enhances productivity and material flow - Now mining operators can view their daily targets and measure shift performance with the tablet like interfaces. These are monitored real-time and they provide accurate data to the control centers. Daily targets and yield controls can be changed promptly and operators are notified instantly.The real-time data keeps the managers, operators, and supervisors with updated information and production stagger higher.
  • Digitization is all about strategies in mining - While mine operational data is integrated with powerful analytics applications, it gives leaders, analysts and the entire management an edge to formulate strategies in mining. This helps them in increasing productivity, maintain safety standards and gain remarkable breakthroughs.
  • Digitization examines real time performance against your daily plan of operations - Know-how of equipment located in a mining operation is highly imperative in determining the productivity of the mine. This real-time monitoring not only manages the mine’s performance but also acts as a parallel decision maker into optimizing the operations of the mine.