September 092019

Increase Sales Using Email Marketing

Email marketing is one of the most impactful elements of all marketing campaigns executed by enterprises globally. The right integration of email strategy and other promotional marketing tactics help businesses garner maximized sales, much greater than other tools and techniques. Emails are a personalized way of communicating with your customers at a professional level. It straight away gives them a holistic base of information, alongside instilling a sense of pride and importance in their perceptions of your business and brand.

1. Segmenting, targeting, and positioning of your target audience – Studies confirm, target audience specific emails drive revenue growth as greater as 18 times more than generalized mails. By adopting a group and sub-groups wise specific approach, you are creating well-defined customer segments that are much relevant for them to adapt and relate. It would help them connect to your mail in harmony to their perceptions and likings, and facilitate in the promotion of your offerings.

2. Short and Precise Writings – Retaining the reader's attention comes at par excellence, with your campaign acquiring maximum sales. Rather than adopting direct and persistent selling nudge, you need to hit right, into their buying persona, which is attainable with the help of clear and concise content. It will make your readers consciously and sub-consciously well-informed of your offers. Remember, your customers are busy people who prefer to read past through your content within a short time.

3. An Impactful Subject Line – You need to pour in a transparent subject line that should perfectly define your offerings in one go. Remember that the opening rate of your mails depends on the subject line heavily. Further, the subject lines should be short and precise, ranging from six to ten words, as longer subject lines have a relatively lower opening rate.

4. Welcome Mails – Momentously gratifying your customers and powering your message into their minds can effectively be done through finely crafted welcome emails. Once, subscriptions for your prospects are automated, what awaits next is a prompt email response. Your brand introduction, CTA liners, social media buttons, and contact information – these are some of the effective parameters that are pivotal to raise interest in the minds of your customers.

5. An Influencing Landing Page – A landing page is a perfect platform to make your visitors aware of your offerings. One of the best ways to convert your visitors into potential leads or buyers is through an effective email campaign that guides them to your website's landing page. What nears an email campaign and landing page are the subjects defining headlines that heavily strike the interest rate of end-users, prompting them to take desired actions. Remember, the text content and design should be similar in your email and landing page campaigns as they direct users with the same message.