February 172020

Guide To SEO In 2020

To have a successful online presence, it is important to keep the branding consistent throughout the website. Well-optimised sites get more traffic over time, which in-turn leads to more sales. SEO specifications keep changing, and it should be updated with the latest trends. Without proper optimisation, searchers won’t be able to find the site in search engines. An efficient and well-designed website helps build trust and attracts visitors to take further action.

Watch out for the ranking factors:

High Quality Content: High quality and in-depth content has the potential to yield massive results. Good Content is not only write-ups, but mixture of the written, graphical, video, and audio information presented on website. Specifically, content is the packaging that provides authentic product and service information to the visitors. With high quality content, any organisation can gain credibility. Content should always be proof-read for typos, grammar mistakes and misspellings. These type of contents generate sales creating trust. One of the most recent development in Google algorithm is the strategy of E-A-T (Expertise, Authority and Trustworthiness).Google E-A-T guidelines are all about evaluating whether users can trust you.

Voice Search: It is an excellent method to attract visitors to the website. Voice search lets us talk to our smart devices rather than typing search queries manually. Through researches it has been seen that the major voice search happens on mobile and other devices. Voice search technology also increases the new way of searching. At present, people are feeling comfortable to use voice for their searches and it obviously drives traffic to website.

Rich Snippets: Featured snippets are structured data that generally provides precise and direct answers to the queries in google search. More and more search results are being adjoined over the years to the search in Google. It tries to give the exact snippets related to the questions or queries asked. Snippets are specific, query oriented full of useful data. Including rich snippets increase brand awareness generating traffic to the website. Improved local SEO and enhancing search position in the first organic result is ultimately done by the featured snippets.

Follow BERT : Implementation of BERT( (Bidirectional Encoder Representations from Transformers)concept has changed the result of search queries. BERT uses the 'self-attention mechanism' to understand the query. It studies the queries and compares each word of the query and make the result more useful and accurate accordingly. The mechanism of BERT read the sentence or the broken language in an unique way and find out the most useful results.

The requirements of SEO keep changing, it becomes hard for an organisation to stay updated all the time with the latest developments. But the more visitor traffic on the website, more is the business. Then the site should be well-optimised, it definitely attract more attention of visitors that will eventually lead to an increase in the number of sales and leads.