August 172019

Generate Leads with Content

How many of us are aware of this old saying, “Content is King”? The proverb directly conveys the idea that great content builds greater customer engagements that gradually help you in marketing your products.
By now everyone gets it – content is everywhere. Organizations focus on crafting content that is immediately gratifying and hugely attractive to viewers.
So, how to generate leads with your content?

Ready to get started? Lets' explore:
Research your customer thoroughly – The first rule in building excellent content is that it must be powered to interest your target audience. Firstly, segment your viewers according to their demographics. Secondly, you need to design your content and present them to your viewers. Lastly, you need to position yourself as a distinguished seller among your target customer segments.
Choose your content types – For your content to generate maximum number of leads, primarily two types of content are important.
1. Traffic generating content – You cannot generate leads without traffic. Traffic generating content helps you in drawing your customer's attention into your website.
Here are some of the best examples.
  • Blog Posts
  • Social media posts
  • Video content
  • Infographics
  • Images
  • ebooks
2. Lead Generating Content – These are the pieces of content packaged with useful resources that you give away for free in order to get some credible information of your business leads.
Here are some of the best examples.
  • Webinars
  • Discounts and Coupons
  • Newsletters
  • Free trial
  • Quiz
  • Short Course
Have your content plan ready – A well-made content plan segregates the content that will be published. It contains the type, frequency, and time when your content will be published in the upcoming days. For example, it outlines how many blogs will be published in a week, when the webinars will be broadcasted live, and organizing the content creation team who will produce the content for your business.
Write high convertible blog posts – As a non-negotiating part of your lead generating plan, blog posts have always proven to be influential in generating leads and increasing it day by day.
  1. The blogs that you write should be having a catchy headline embodied with informative content
  2. In most cases, your blogs shouldn't be limited to texts. Right attracting visuals drive the engagement levels of your customers
  3. To rank your blog higher up in SERP's, you have to integrate the right keywords from title to the tail
  4. Always link to other high quality posts on relevant topics. This increases the usefulness of your content and Google rewards it with improved rankings