October 162019

5 Ways to Reduce Bounce Rate and Increase Your Conversions

Conversion of one-time visitors into customers is the main purpose that a website serves. The chance of conversions tends to go higher once end-users spend more time on your site with higher engagements. From signing up newsletters to form submissions, you are here to increase your traffic and thereby promote your sales. Global data says, 70-96 % of end-users never return to your website once they move out from it. This is a clear indication of increasing site bounce rates that are happening globally. So, to counterfeit it, strategies in the design are to be revamped.
Some of the key strategies are distinct pieces of information, simple and significant language, content alignment, and bold keywords.

Let us now delve into the varying aspects of design parameters that will make end-users stay more on your website.

1. Well-structured Content - Humans are visual and analytical creatures. They perceive deeply and form long-lasting impressions on what they observe. In website design paragraphs, headings, sub-headings, bulleted lists, and easy readability are some of the undying parameters to work on to attract visitors into your site. Firstly focus on the ease of line spacing followed by impactful font sizes and styles. Striking sub-headings shall keep the curiosity levels of viewers on a higher pitch. Highlighting information through bulleted points helps viewers to understand the content in a short time.

2. Lower Site Loading Time - Even a 1-second delay of site loading affects conversions by 7%. This is how you have to foresee the prospects of your site bagging higher engagements. You need to compress your images unlike their large sizes to match the fast loading speed of websites. Content Delivery Networks help content to reach users in a short time, with their network of geographically distributed and interconnected servers.

3. Improved Customer Services - It has to be ensured that users can access you conveniently through email, mobile, and other required forms of communication. Addressing customer queries regularly through FAQ pages, Chatbots keeps you on edge over your competitors. Also, feedback from your customers shall always keep your growth rate surging with dynamic changes in customer support services.

4. Engage With Your Users In A Conversational Tone - Interact with your users continuously. The interaction should be more on a personalized footing rather than a boring school essay. Your audience needs to be informed and entertained.

5. Use Multiple Forms Of Media - Engaging videos, infographics, images, and slideshows are varied media forms that can help you to shower your content with increased interest levels among viewers. Using videos as engaging pieces of content tends to increase a business's revenue by a staggering 49 %.