April 242019

Digital Marketing is important for Branding

Digital marketing is a collated term for all the marketing efforts your organization performs online.

Companies nowadays benefit greatly from digital channels. In this digital age, social media, email marketing and, online advertising are the primary tools that cater to your digital branding needs. In a way, it helps you reach out to your target audience and convert them into customers.

Let us put it this way. After you order food online, you rarely miss out putting up a review of what you ate, how it tasted and then you rate it overall. Now, if we are to order the same cuisine which you just rated, there is no doubt that we shall first read out the most recent reviews.

This is how digital branding is influencing various industry sectors by storm. Customers do not just blindly follow what is made visible to them. They go by research. They interact among themselves online. They believe in the reviews. They see how personalized you can be in offering to them.

How Digital Marketing Influences Your Brand?

The brand new channels for communication and selling directly to customers are digital. The internet provides marketers with greater opportunities for interaction and personalization. Marketing and branding strategies are considered complete with Digital Marketing. In this blog, we shall explain how being digital benefits your brand.

But firstly let’s clear the basics before we go into demonstrating how digital marketing enhances and widens up your brand.

What is Earned Media?

Earned media is the extent of PR and word of mouth a company achieves without having directly paid for anything. The news stories, blogs, and social network conversations gives a solid insight into a customer’s impression of your brand.

Why Digital Marketing is important for branding? Let’s see, why?

  • Digital branding enhances customer experience - An essential reason to have a digital-first approach for branding is that consumers expect brands to be responsive on digital platforms. Social media platforms provide opportunities to perform necessary customer oriented tasks and a chance to communicate and interact with the target audience in a more dynamic way.

    Let’s rewind to Dove’s time tested effort to change the attitudes of women and promote self-esteem. This was called Ad Makeover. The campaign appeared only on Facebook and gave women the power to replace negative ads (Such as plastic surgery or weight loss products) with positive messages like “Hello Beautiful” and “The Perfect Bum is the One You are Sitting On.” During the first week of its launch, this Ad Makeover app replaced 171 million banners with negative messages. This kind of effective branding has been made possible with the presence of digital communication channels. With this, Dove registered sales with a stooping 4 billion dollars against 2.5 million dollars in the previous year.

  • Digital Marketing allows you for targeted campaigns - Digital campaigns prioritize target audiences in a way that traditional marketing cannot.

    One interesting example relating to this will be Merrill Edges “Face Retirement” App. The challenge faced by Finance companies is motivating their younger customers to think about their financial needs, specifically in terms of retirement. Therefore to arouse the need part of the marketing strategy, Bank of America developed the Face Retirement Program for it’s Merrill Edge low-cost platform. The brand’s website and later an app allowed users to snap their own pictures and see what they might look like when they were 50 or 51 or even more. This motivated the younger generation to invest financially and secure their lives. The photos were so captivating that they were shared on Facebook and Twitter. Therefore this kind of campaign has turned out to be a complete stunner in the digital white space.
Now that you are well versed with the idea of Digital Branding, let’s see its benefits. Here they are:

  • Increased customer base - Now, your online campaigns are custom made to specific demographics such as gender, location, age, and other interests. Digital marketing makes your campaign much penetrating and effective.
  • Real time results -You can see the increase in the number of visitors, subscribers and conversion rates at the touch of a button. So, what are you waiting for? Replace outdated marketing ways and adopt the new Digital ways.
  • Brand Development - A well-maintained website with quality content will always bring leads to your business. You can maximize on this by utilizing social media networks and email marketing as your brand development strategies.

    This blog has been written keeping in mind the present day dynamics. Till now, you must have acquired a neat understanding of what digital marketing means. It is communication beyond words. It is where a marketer will rethink before creating on his leaps of creativity. And remember it is always about the right jabs. Just as they say in boxing, “It is all about that finishing hook that takes your opponent down to knees”. In this digital age too, right jabs and right hooks take you way higher over your competitors. By now we are pretty obvious that you have gathered a flinching notion of the new age marketing tactics online.