Cuprum Bagrodia LimitedMeaningful. Data Driven. Insightful

About CBL

A specialized coal mining enterprise operating from the heart of Kolkata, CBL has set their legacy in this business since decades. Cuprum, as the name suggests, brings back the feel of man, machine & completeness. Dealing in heavy mine mine equipments & machineries, they have established themselves as a robust mine developer & operator with a skilled workforce.

Managing & analysing data is the trend that businesses follow today. Setting up a customized mining software that delivers smart, standard user defined reports without the slightest discrepancies. Mine Reporting System is our in house specialty & we probably developed it with sheer perfection.

| Hitting The Right Chord |

With a dynamic fleet & workforce, the service that Cuprum rendered to clients has been to the point & filled them with satisfaction. Their detail oriented expertise, logical approach & operational sharpness always reaped profits higher. But businesses never settle down with fixed numbers. They always share a progressive continuity. As far as mining or any other industry is concerned, data is the driving factor of businesses today. With all facets correctly filled up, what Cuprum required was a flexible data & report handling approach. Our in-house MRS system made the difference.

| The Tune with a Voice |

Our MRS system made their managerial tasks easier & more accurate. They just need to select their requirements & what follows next is a fine sheet of customized user defined report. Be it mine excavation, drilling, blasting, coal production quantities, push beams, mine equipment utilizations or dispatch, there would always be a well calculated & presented display of numbers & inferences that would give you an edge statistically & commercially. Mine Reporting System has helped Cuprum evade all their unnecessary operating costs with accuracy & predictability.