About Star Wire

A biomass power generation enterprise located on the outskirts of Haryana, solely involved in the generation of carbon neutral electricity from organic wastes. This company helps cleaning up the mess from the air, electrifying neighbourhoods with environment friendly methods & moulding stereotypes of our livelihood. Yes, it’s unconventional & renewable.

Setting up a software program from scratch with in built synchronized tools that eradicated calculation errors without a glitch. From conception to implementation, our team did it all reassuring time & customer satisfaction.

| The art of being in the Latest Era |

Vareli’s inbound team of design & software scholars figured out what’s actually desired. Their work lacked a parallel software brain, that made every mode of their business operate through pen & paper. This delayed their front & back end operations & made calculations fussy. Our team synchronized their digital weighing machine with a custom built program that recorded the biomass load online with the perfect decimals.

| From being Tecnac To Technical, We Value Your Business |

This helped the company speed up their daily procurements comfortably. Spawning up other functions likewise opening & closing stocks, designing the payment structure intended for the vendors & highlighting the quantity of goods unloaded has made Star Wire’s day-to-day engagement time saving & efficient, making them a closefisted business network.