DECOFUROur Application. Your Agility

About The Brand

A leading lifestyle store based at Kolkata, filling up the spaces for upsurge income groups & NRI’s all over West Bengal. They do everything from left to right, conceptualizing the right odor, getting the aesthetics straight & resourcing the apt concepts.

Designing a well-segmented web application from wear & tear is what the design team at Vareli conceived & built so far with personalized user expectations.

| From being “Old School” to be in “The Present Day” |

Decofur had their daily operations administered manually through thick & thin. Although creative in its brand, they remained traditional in their business. What they needed was organized planning & execution that evades confusion & saves time. The Vareli development team made the best out of the scratch mapping a custom made web application implementing their day-to-day activities & building a safe & secure database which made life easy.

Most importantly, our team brought a tailored approach to perfection. This shielded their system from errors & complications.

| How & where it mattered? |

In addition to the complete makeover, our design team has been successful in reaching out to what they actually expected, “System Made Easy & Organized” & “Enhanced Satisfaction”. The Design made their business tech savvy & go steady over time.