October 232019

Activities That Can Ruin Your Social Media Campaign

Social Media Is the confluence where brands intersect and face each other, with a salty essence of rivalry. With a surging presence of over 3.2 billion users, the social media arena constitute about 42% of the global population. For a brand to win over its competitors, imbibing and implementing the right social media marketing strategies at the right time amongst the right target audience is the key to unlock the door towards the bottom line.

The Present Social Scenario
According to a study conducted by LinkedIn, 94% of Small and Medium-scale enterprises engage themselves in social media marketing to gain effective results, in terms of maximum web traffic, potential leads, and increased conversions. A brand cannot afford to lose its charm and reputation by any means, as silly errors will cut down your level of command, making people unfollow you. We have been witnessing numerous stances where individuals and companies strategize their plans in a fashion that looks uncaring to the viewer's perceptions. Certainly, much needs to be changed and transformed if you want your brand to overpower and craft a differential value statement among your customers.

1. Inconsistent Postings - Getting shadow-banned by your followers is an utterly disgusting feeling. It gradually degrades your brand name with a derailed position in the competitors' busiest league. Brands have this notion of posting their content irregularly with an incomplete sense of understanding in terms of subject, content style, and untimely post scheduling. Most of the start-ups and early settlers don't develop social media calendars where they can develop, plan, and schedule posts on a weekly or monthly basis. Developing write-ups, content, infographics, blogs, short articles are becoming a common fashion among all online brands with hardly a few mastering over it. They lack the skill to frame the flow of their content that will gradually uplift the interest levels of their customers. They are hardly conscious of posting content at the right time and on the days of highest visitor engagement. All we say here is, you need to balance the volume of your postings with accuracy in time, content flow, and content types.

2. Posting Identical Content - Stand distinct and stay differentiated with a value-based proposition that will be beneficial to your customers. The problem that brands face today is the ingenuity in their content development strategies. They disinvest in content development and invest in content commercialization by following peer's postings. This makes them substandard in their personality and lowers their public appeal. You need to be careful while you design and draft your content in terms of facts, style of presentation of words, pointers used, explanatory paragraphs, and type of posts your rivals have been presenting in fulfilling their strategic goals. The ratio of 3.2 billion users to 1 billion sites stands narrow and shallow, and it gives us the alarming sign that posting identical content will only disinterest your customers and they will immediately shift away towards your competitors.

3. Not Using The Right Analysis Metrics - Unlike businesses that measure their success rate through shares and likes, social analytics is a broader term to comprehend. To understand the impact of your social media efforts into your business, social media analytical tools help you figure out the micro and macro parameters leading to the success of your brand. Impressions, post reach percentage, applause rate, audience growth rate, and average engagement rate are few vital KPI's upon which your brand's social media performance can be adjudged. Companies don't understand the importance of social media metrics and they stay confined upto the creation of Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn accounts with no further involvement.

4. Neglecting Customers - With over 80% of customers using social media, it is imperative that brands need to put greater care and focus on addressing queries timely. Majorly brands impart their discreet amount of time in marketing and promoting their offerings and forget to come to customer's rescue in hours of crisis. Be it an eCommerce company, a bank, an educational institution or any organization in the hospitality domain, customer's needs are an integral part of their daily operations. Neglecting their questions on the comments section, ignoring their valued compliments and continuing with wrongs are the major loopholes where companies fail to cement their brand name and integrity.

5. Excessive Promotion - Businesses today are trailing behind in building effective and long-lasting client relationships. They have started advertising, promoting, and putting forward offers that at times irritate customers. Business is about how you personalize and connect with your followers by channelizing on their perceptions and socializing in the correct taste.