ABB - Mine Planning Solutions

A mine plan accurately shows the real time standards of geological structure, the process capabilities & the dynamics of demand which results in a productive, predictable & profitable system within a mining structure. Mine planners are under continuous pressure to produce mine plans that are accurate & optimize production at all stages. To ensure absolute accuracy, mine planners & schedulers account for time wise geological samples & data, production capacities, available machinery, equipment & manpower, production cost assumptions & most importantly, health & safety of workers. The goal of better mine planning depends on the mine planning process, time taken between geological sampling & mine plan re-modelling, lowered production costs & optimized output, focusing on continuous improvement & operational excellence.

Partnered with ABB, our smart mine planning solutions meets your rigorous demands. The software is designed with the database, geological modelling, mine planning & design capabilities that eases out all your worries & increases the production & efficiency of the mine. A fully-integrated 3D CAD system that supports tailored programming & reporting, the software provides extensive mining oriented features including surface manipulation, gridding, transaction & spreadsheet management capabilities. Designed with easy to use graphical functionalities, it directly accesses AutoCAD files along with 2D,3D visualizations that makes communications detailed & refined. 

The geological database stores down-hole survey data & produces standard, summarized & user defined reports. It displays data such as lithology & intervals graphically allowing geologists to make statistical calculations without much worries. There are strat model & block model that gives detailed understandings of subsurface structures & efficiently modelling stratified & non-stratified deposits. The mine planning plugins help in producing short & long term plans for mine designs using 3D CAD suite. The scheduling is tailored to optimize the mining methods, providing material movement & forecasts for short and long term operations with better predictability in determining production outputs. The Ring Design is specialized for block caving operations utilizing long hole, cut & fill stope mining methods. So, with these advanced specifications, the mine planning software maximises your efficiency while lowering costs & saving your operating time.